8 Quick easy hard-and-fast steps to tidiness

8 Quick easy hard-and-fast steps to tidiness

It’s hard to feel calm, relaxed, competent and grounded when you are surrounded by disorganization right?

Make it easy to put items away. Uphold the cleanliness of your home and you will do it more often. Nobody is perfect and nobody’s home is perfect. Even the homes you see in magazines are not!

A daily routine to keep your house clean and tidy can improve your life.

Why not start today and try some steps to tidiness!

1 . Start and finish your tasks right away.

Clutter is often a result of procrastination and small jobs are often left unfinished.

Just ask yourself:
Do I fear failure?
Am I a perfectionist?
Do I fear about the unkown?
Do I lack motivation?
Am I distracted?

It only takes a few minutes per day if you really focus on it and do it.

Why not start today and try some steps to tidiness!

2 . Keep dishes out of the sink.

Wash the dishes or move them to the dishwasher, involve the kids too, it’s fun !
Much nicer to get up in the morning and enjoy a fresh kitchen than to face yesterday’s procrastination.

3 . When one item comes in, one item has to come out.

It is the best way to enjoy new things for sure! Make it a rule.

4 . Avoid the "just in case" excuse.

When you look at the boxes in your garage or in the far back of your drawers, it’s clear that “just in case” means never.
This small step to tidiness will not only declutter your home. It will also free your mind.

Avoid the "just in case" excuse.

Did you ever notice that the very purpose of keeping in the first place is often balanced by the fact that you can’t find it when you need it?

Think about alternatives: borrow, rent or buy second hand items when it is possible.

5 . Clear your mail and inbox every day.

Buy stamps ahead and prepare envelopes if you need.
All receipts or invoices are digital nowadays so there are no excuses and no delay!

6 . Resist to compulsive shopping.

As Dr. Ian Zimmerman said “Happiness rarely lies at the bottom of your shopping bag”.
The more things you own, the more they own you.

Ask yourself: Do I really need it?
Wait 24h and see if you still need or want That Thing. You might be surprised.

7 . Tidy up tables and benches.

Each item should have its own space. Errant stuff should never touch the countertop.
If you have lots of things on tables or on the floor and you are struggling to find places for them, perhaps you need more space or storage.
This is where plastic boxes, shoe boxes or a filing cabinet with lots of drawers can come in handy.

8 . Make your bed every morning.

Just like your mum told you!
You roughly spend a third of your life in your bedroom and the visual appearance of a tidy, fresh and clean room has an effect on your mood.
The state of your bed is the state of your head.” I don’t remember where I saw this sentence but somehow I kept it in mind.
A quick fluff of the pillows and tug on the sheets takes only seconds, and it is the easiest way to make your entire bedroom feel better instantly.
aim for tidiness, freshness and cleanliness

Don't aim for perfection, aim for tidiness, freshness and cleanliness
in your home as well as in your head .

These daily habits show that you care about yourself and your home.
That feeling of being cared for help lifts your mood and lightens your emotional burdens throughout the day.

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  1. Good to read you! Ton anglais est devenu local! et les photos du site donnent bien envie de s’y mettre tout de suite. A vrai dire, chez moi rien ne traîne longtemps alors j’encourage cette habitude qui fait du bien dedans. Bravo et bonne entreprise. Je vois que tu es toujours aussi énergique, génial! J’espère à l’un de ces jours, de l’autre côté de la planète! Laurence

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