About me

The story of Delphine

Quick and efficient, I cannot start the day in a mess.
I need to energetically clear my space in order to create and enjoy my daily life.
It relieves the stress by providing me a sense of control and real accomplishment.

Married for 28 years, mum of 5 daughters, I’ve moved countries over 19 times. Decluttering and organizing were essential for me to settle into my new homes, gain more physical space and also spend more time with my children and husband .

Little by little, my hobby became a passion

It was only when I moved to Japan in a small house that I developed my skills and my knowledge of folding and organising drawers, pantries and closets.
It was so much fun!
I could always free up a little extra space that wasn’t there before.

Clear space = Clear mind

Being a life coach and a specialist in energetic fields such as purebioenergy and chinese astrology, I learned that clutter creates fear, and is a huge energy zapper which can lead to health complication when mold and dust are also present.

About Delphine

Less is more

I want you to be organised so that you don’t waste your valuable time. I can assist you when you lack the desire, time, skill or knowledge to organise on your own. It’s not about taking away from you. It is about giving something to you.

If you don’t know how to or where to start,

  • I will work side by side with you and your family, helping you in tackling new decisions.
  • I will provide an expert, experienced and practical decluttering support and guidance.
  • I will be reliable, consistent and motivated, non judgemental, patient and will provide assistance along the way.
  • Of course my work with you is also strictly confidential.

Tidying is creating a space.
The best way to reward yourself is with experiences, not things.

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