Frequently asked questions about decluttering

I’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about my decluttering services. Just click on one of the sections below to find the answer…

If you don’t see what you need, please give me a call at 021.055.6143 or drop me an email.

Knowing where to start can be overwhelming, and getting professional advice and strategies can help with an immediate implementation.
Hiring me will make the job easier, more efficient and faster.
It is also good sometimes to have an outsider give an impartial view of your space in order to have a better perspective and faster results.

I am just here to help nudge you in the right direction!

Because it is the most efficient use of your time, energy and money. Staying in the rythm ! Very few projects can be completed in less than 6 hours.
Some people after 4 full hours feel exhausted or tired, others like to do it in 6 hours.

Do not worry, Im a mum of 5 and understand the situation.
I don’t judge and I’m here to guide you and support you .
Step by step ! We will focus on the things that need to be done.

No, I will work in collaboration with you to assess items and you will be the ultimate decision maker.
You will keep the items you love, will choose what you want to keep, donate, repurpose in another area or through away.
I may challenge you sometimes when necessary or make any suggestion if you need.

Every project is different and it will depend on the size of the room, how quickly you  make decisions and what homework you do between sessions.

Yes, I can’t make decision withou you. Even if you can’t physically help, I will just need your brain for the decision. Organizing space while you have stepped out for an appointment is also possible.

Nothing really. It’s better for me to see your space as it is and notice your habits.

Don’t purchase any products, before our session.
We will first declutter and sort and will repurpose containers that you already have .
Later on, if you need , you will be able to buy items for organizing. This will be the fun part !

Transforming kid’s room into a place it’sfun to play in and easy to tidy up.
Giving offices a more welcoming and productive workspace
Making kitchen and living room enjoyable place to be, cook and share.
Wardrobe ,closets and cabinets minimizing .
Helping downsizing home. 
Preparing your house before selling it.
Garage organisation.
Paper’s piles declutter.

You can offert them a voucher as a gift and I will just make sure that your friend is fully on board with the idea of me helping to declutter.

Yes, I do through Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp, I can solve your clutter without being physically in your home. However, you need to be a Do It Yourself person .
You need support and direction ? I will keep you motivated, focused and accountable until you complete your project.

Together, we will do more in less time and with more energy

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